Providing Race Photos will Increase Race Registrations


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Providing race pictures will increase race registrations.  People in general love looking at pictures of themselves.  Just look at Facebook.  (I realize that the kids don’t use Facebook anymore, and I’m dating myself)  Athletes are no different and enjoy pictures of themselves doing their sport of choice because these pictures are harder to get.  The athletes can look back at pictures of the event and remember how much fun it was, or how hard it or how unique the race was.  .

Organizers must remember:

  • The hardest part of this plan is finding a volunteer or a couple of volunteers with a good camera willing to take everyone’s picture.
  • Ensure you make arrangements for the pictures before making the announcements to your racers.
  • Host the pictures on your website or have a link from your website to get to the pictures.  You want athletes going to the race website as often as possible so they remember the race.
  • Strike while the iron is hot!  Get the pictures uploaded as soon as you can.
  • Be respectful.  Honor athlete picture removal requests. They will appreciate you for abiding by their wishes.
  • Ensure participants know pictures will be taken.  Include a notice about the pictures during signup.

Race picture benefits:

  • Having pictures of racers wearing your race swag & medals posted across the web is great for race promotions.
  • If you want, you can get a professional to take the pictures and have the athletes pay for them.  This can be a revenue stream for your race.


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  • You can use “free athlete pictures” in your race promotion and race marketing activities
  • Pre-race mention in your emails and on your social media page that you will have race pictures taken and they will be available for download and this is included in your race fees. This is also a good reason to send another email to your past racers to remind them of the event and to register again.
  • After the race, thank your runners and send another email with a link back to the race pictures.
  • Show off good pictures in social media posts.
  • Start next year’s promotions with a reminder to past racers. Ask them if they’ve downloaded their pictures.
  • Update your website with race pictures!
  • And of course it will increase race registrations


We all want to increase race registrations and this is simple, practical advice that I learned from observing athletes at races, and from organizing and volunteering a races over the last thirty years or so.

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